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Selfportrait – Love or Fear ?

In all situations of life, we are always guided by these two main feelings that are love and fear.

These two feelings are sometimes not immediately visible or are replaced by other terms. For example, in the case of the Ego, we can imagine that what lies behind is the fear of being ignored by one’s fellow beings or of not feeling ourselves existing.

Making the choice of love in all circumstances and not fear seems to be the way to go. Because everything that comes from love improves our lives, the lives of others and therefore the human condition as a whole. Love wins.

So even if today I feel weak,

You will be able to see, deep in my heart, that hope is there.

It is buried in all this sadness waiting to be stimulated.

“Never give up on life, Never give up on love” I keep repeating it to my myself.

So today I decided to choose love instead of fear.

All these fears that animate me are in fact « so much loves » just waiting to be listened to.

The fear of being rejected becomes the love of my vulnerability. It’s ok to be vulnerable. Human being is vulnerable.

  • The fear of not being up to it replaced by the love of my weaknesses and the person I am.
  • The fear of being alone or not being loved replaced by The love of myself and others. Love is everywhere.
  • The fear of not being accepted by the other – the love of my authenticity and sensitivity.
  • The fear of failing replaced by love and acceptance of my mistakes, Learning life through experiences.

I think you got the point, Love is always the answer.

Maggy, Paris

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