Introduction – read me

  « PEOPLE AROUND ME »  On rencontre tous des personnes au cours de notre vie qui nous touchent par leurs personnalités atypiques, leurs générosités ou même par leurs ‘folies’. Ce projet est un hommage aux personnes que j’ai rencontré ici ou ailleurs … « PEOPLE AROUND ME«  Paths sometimes cross, and we


…Because I have a great ability to destroy myself, to consume myself in my own flames – my vices – and then reborn . I do believe really much in cycles and rhythms of life and death, even being so detached from nature in our contemporary everyday life, human is still

Collective singular

Singular perturbations in space-time happen all the time, in Nature. When is time —soon to happen— for them to come for us all — as well? Andrès, Paris  

Selfportrait – Love or Fear ?

In all situations of life, we are always guided by these two main feelings that are love and fear. These two feelings are sometimes not immediately visible or are replaced by other terms. For example, in the case of the Ego, we can imagine that what lies behind is the

Letting go …or not

It is sometimes said that you have to get lost to better meet yourself, that means letting go what you don’t control. It’s a difficult exercise for people like me who need to anticipate everything. It’s like a battle between the « inner self » and the « outer self ». The last one


 » Curiosity fuels my life. I constantly look for what is new, different. For me, everything is passionating and stimulating : the euphoria to discover a new landscape and a new culture, meet new people and make new friends. It doesn’t involve exotic holidays or far away places but I


    « Never be afraid to approach a stranger, he/she might have an impact in your life that is more positive than what you could ever imagine. Get out of your bubble and you’ll notice a flow of positivity in your life. Remove the mask that hides your true identity


 » In order to find happiness, i often go for extremes in my way of approaching life. I can be very impulsive and to make big life  changing decisions, simply by going with my gut feeling rather than reason. This has lead me to scary and untravelled roads but it


« I like to be independent. Live alone, drink alone, travel alone, cycle alone, work out at the gym alone. When i am in a relationship my life depends on another person and i do not feel this freedom. I do not like to have friends or too many friends because

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