» Curiosity fuels my life.

I constantly look for what is new, different. For me, everything is passionating and stimulating : the euphoria to discover a new landscape and a new culture, meet new people and make new friends. It doesn’t involve exotic holidays or far away places but I can find novelty in any new experience even in the little things. I love learning and acquring new skills/knowledge that can lead to a new passion (recently photography).

People, smiles, a touch, an emotion inspire me everyday. I live with this intense desire to understand life, an aspiration to know where we go and why. The task is huge as the pieces of this big puzzle constantly multiply. I often question the others, sometimes pushing the curosity too far without realising that it can make people uncomfortable and hurt their sensitivity.

My insatiable spirit can also lead to a certain unstability and frustration, especially because I easily get bored and limits drive me crazy! But I always stick to my goal : to make my path as much interesting and fascinating as possible. »




Héléna, Malta


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